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Uganda Safaris : The 10 national parks that make up Uganda’s safari locations are where most safaris are conducted since each one offers a different type of safari activity. When the ten national parks are joined, an incredible Uganda safari is created for visitors to enjoy.

Uganda safari trips are conducted at the country’s finest locations, which have a lot of exciting things to do and see. These locations are classified as national parks in Uganda.

Uganda Safaris Destinations

There are many attractions and activities found in Uganda’s national parks are all unique from one another, rewarding visitors with remarkable Uganda safaris when they choose Uganda as their ideal safari location.

Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park  

The main safari site in Uganda is Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, which is famous for housing mountain gorillas and offering gorilla trekking. The national park of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is situated in southwest Uganda. The park is home to a variety of tree types, ferns, bird species, butterflies, and other fauna in addition to the mountain gorillas.

Being a really humble safari location in Uganda, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park features a variety of attractions that draw visitors. The national park features a variety of attractions that draw visitors to come and explore it, including mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, many bird species, indigenous cultures, and other animal species.

Visitors to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park engage in and take part in a variety of activities, such as Uganda gorilla trekking, gorilla habituation, bird watching, a cultural experience with the Batwa, forest walks and hiking, mountain biking, Buhoma community walks, and visiting Lake Mutanda, which provides the best safari experience on a Uganda safari tour.

Murchison Falls National Park 

The Murchison Falls National Park is the biggest national park in Uganda and has a rich biodiversity, but it also stands out because of the Murchison Falls, which are inside the park. The Murchison Falls National Park is situated in the northwest of Uganda; its boundaries extend into the Kiryandongo and Masindi districts, among others.

Murchison Falls, wildlife, the Ziwa rhino sanctuary, Budongo woodland, Kaniyo Pabidi forest, Rabongo forest, and bird species are just a few of the many attractions that make Murchison Falls National Park the world’s largest national park so popular with visitors.

Without engaging in safari activities like game drives, bird watching, sport fishing, hot air balloon rides, boat cruises, guided nature walks and hikes, chimpanzee trekking, and cultural excursions, a Uganda safari is never truly complete. All of these things are done to ensure that your safari experience in Uganda’s Murchison Falls National Park is the finest possible.

Uganda Safaris

Kibale National Park

The finest place to go on chimpanzee trekking safaris in Uganda is Kibale National Park, which is a home to the largest population of chimpanzees in the world. Kibale National Park is located in southwestern Uganda in Kabarole district.

The variety of intriguing sights in the park, includes monkeys, birds, wildlife species, stunning foliage, Ndali-Kasenda craters, and bufferfly species, delight visitors on safaris in Uganda’s Kibale National Park. This makes your safari a wonderful experience.

The best safari activities may be enjoyed by visitors at Kibale National Park, which offers chimpanzee trekking, bird viewing, chimpanzee habituation experiences, nature walks and hiking, and cultural tours.

Queen Elizabeth national park

A Uganda safari must visit Queen Elizabeth, the country’s second-largest national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The western region is located in the four districts of Rukungiri, Kamwegye, Rubirizi, and Kasese, where Queen Elizabeth National Park is situated. The park is renowned for its diverse fauna, including several bird and animal species.

Equator, animals, bird species, Katwe Salt Works, Kyambura Escarpment, stunning landscape, crater lakes, tree climbing lions, Kazinga Channel, and indigenous communities are just a few of the attractions that draw travelers to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The stunning safari activities that visitors engage in during a safari are available at Queen Elizabeth National Park, including game drives, boat cruises, bird watching, chimpanzee trekking, guided nature walks, and hiking.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Another safari attraction in Uganda is the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, which is also the only national park in the nation where visitors may go see golden monkeys. The small national park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, is situated in Uganda’s southwest.

The mountain gorillas, Virunga volcanoes, golden monkeys, and many bird species are just a few of the delights that the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park has to offer.

A Uganda safari wouldn’t be complete without taking part in the many safari activities offered by the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, such as gorilla tracking, volcano hiking, golden monkey tracking, bird viewing, hiking the Batwa Trail, and exploring the Garama Cave.

Kidepo Valley National Park.

The second Maasai Mara National Reserve in Uganda, Kidepo Valley National Park is an untouched and beautiful national park. When you visit the distinctive Kidepo Valley National Park, a safari in Uganda becomes exciting. The park is well-known for the rare wildlife species that are never seen elsewhere in the nation, making it the ideal vacation site for those who enjoy wildlife safaris. The Kidepo Valley National Park is situated in the Karamoja region of northeastern Uganda.

The park’s various attractions, which include the Narus Valley, Kidepo Valley, Kidepo River, Kanangorok Hot Springs, Lorokul Cultural Group, Mount Morungole, Animal and Bird Species, Apoka Tourism Center, Namamukweny Valley, Lomej Hills, and Lonyili Mountain, draw in a wide range of tourists.

Kidepo Valley National Park offers safari activities like game drives, bird watching, guided nature walks and hikes, cultural excursions, and more to get guests ready to experience the park.

Lake Mburo National Park

The Lake Mburo National Park is the smallest of all the national parks, and it is well-known for its zebra population. The park is situated in the Kiruhura area of western Uganda.

The diversity of attractions Lake Mburo offers visitors, including the lake, many animal and bird species, the Rwonyo Rest Camp, game trails, and the Rubanga Forest, adds appeal to your safari.

Nothing compares to the safari activities that visitors can partake in while on safari in Lake Mburo National Park, including game drives, boat cruises, bird viewing, nature walks and hikes, sport fishing, horseback riding, and cycling.

Not only the aforementioned national parks, but also Mountain Rwenzori, Mount Elgon, and Semuliki National Parks are available for visitors to explore on a Uganda safari. When all of these parks are combined, a Uganda safari is created that will leave visitors with unforgettable safari memories.

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