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The Great Wildebeest Migration, which features millions of wildebeest, stunning scenery, and beautiful beaches all make Kenya, known as the birthplace of the African safari and one of the continent’s top safari destinations, the place to go for an unforgettable safari experience. Kenya provides tourists from all over the world with the most luxurious yet inexpensive safaris, including trips to see the Big Five (elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, and rhino), unforgettable birding expeditions, and exploratory hiking paths, to name just a few.

Kenya offers a variety of safaris, from high-end to affordable African safaris, each with its own special set of amenities and advantages. Nevertheless, each Kenya safari package is created to accommodate both luxury and more modestly priced visitors. However, one should be aware that Kenya is not a cheap safari destination when budgeting for Kenya Safari costs.

Given Kenya’s extensive tourism experience, safari prices there are typically more expensive than in other African nations. The cost of a safari in Kenya might not even be lavish. To ensure that your Kenya safari is less expensive but equally as rewarding, there are numerous ways to ensure that there are many ways to kill a rat.

In addition, a number of variables, such as your safari budget, your preferred trip dates, and the destinations you want to visit, affect the price of your Kenya safari. The majority of visitors frequently ask if there are any reasonably priced Kenya safari packages available as well as what the estimated cost of a Masai Mara safari and an Amboseli National Park safari is. Here is a breakdown of our safari expenses in Kenya:

Budget Kenya Safari cost

The majority of us prefer to cut costs whenever we can, so paying hundreds of dollars a day to view animals may seem extravagant. For a Kenya budget safari, a quick-fix three-day safari from Nairobi to the Masai Mara, Tsavo, or Amboseli national parks is about US $250 total. The cost of this package also includes two game drives, hotel, and transportation to and from Nairobi. However, it might exclude park admission. It all sounds great, but there are a few very important disclaimers that should make you approach deals like this at a deep discount with extreme caution.

A three-day point-to-point safari leaving and returning to Nairobi will almost definitely only give you one day on safari. This is because the majority of these cheap excursions are incredibly hurried.

This kind of safari is typically undertaken in worn-out, outdated minibuses that are uncomfortable and have distorted or limited views. This is particularly true if the car is completely packed, and it’s even more important because half the passengers could not have any window seats at all. Because of how ancient these cars are, breakdowns happen frequently. Breakdowns frequently cause a major portion, if not the entire safari, to be lost.

Second, and this is not always a negative thing, lodging on a low-budget safari will be in modest dome tents erected on open campsites with no amenities beyond a tap and a primitive toilet building. Nevertheless, meals are made by the entire group and frequently fall short of expectations. These safaris are always conducted in the major national parks and reserves; they are never permitted in conservancies.

Mid Range Kenya Safari Cost

You may expect to pay between US$250 and US$300 per person, per day, for a multiday midrange safari in Kenya in some of the major game parks and reserves, like the Masai Mara and Amboseli National Reserve, among others. This includes lodging in a pleasant, if frequently uninteresting, safari lodge or camp and three decent meals per day (full-board basis).

In Kenya, a mid-range safari will usually include shared transportation throughout the safari and park admission fees, which are typically roughly US$70 per person/day for the main parks (although at this time, all park costs had been slashed by 50% in reaction to the Covid-19 crisis). This car might be a fine open-sided jeep with just a few other passengers, or it might be a crammed minibus.

Luxury Kenya Safari Cost

The best safari in Kenya that you can be sure of loving is this one! If you desire a

A private safari in one of the outstanding wildlife conservancies would provide a better safari experience (and you should strive as high as you can). These are privately or community-run wildlife conservation zones that frequently border the borders of the majority of Kenya’s major national parks. They are managed for both the benefit of the local population and the conservation of wildlife.

One of the best safaris in the world is guaranteed if you travel to one of these conservancies. Only a few other safari vehicles will be present, making the entire experience very exclusive. A majority of alcoholic beverages are included in the prices when dining at world-class restaurants and staying in luxurious (but not excessive) safari tents.

The price will cover a wonderful wildlife guide and safaris in open-sided vehicles that are expressly made for your group and frequently reserved only for them. The cost also includes all conservation levies and park entrance costs.

So, how much are we talking about? Expect to pay at least $350 per person, per night, during a slow season of the year. The cost of a night in a genuinely spectacular location, with the greatest guides and wildlife encounters, might, however, be between US$600 and $1,000. You’ll be happy that gin and tonic are Inauaea at these pricing, too!

A solo safari is a great middle ground between a more affordable option and something more specialized. Here, just get a nice 4WD vehicle with a driver (you may also travel alone, but we advise against it for safety reasons; after all, it seldom adds much to the overall cost).

You’re prepared to leave if you just toss a tent, a camping gas stove, and a bunch of food in the back. Keep a map with you at all times. With the exception of lodging reservations, you will be in control of your itinerary and be able to make changes as you go. You can alternate between nights spent camping and nights spent in high-quality lodges, which will be much more comfortable than riding in a minibus with a dozen other people.

Typically, the price of renting a jeep with a driver ranges from $150 to $200 a day, which covers fuel and the majority of driver costs. You will be required to make payments for your lodging, meals, and park entrance.

For a family, this is a very satisfying kind of transportation. However, you won’t be able to bring your car to most conservancies. The conservancy camp staff will meet you at the gate if you choose this route and plan to stay in a conservancy for a while. They will then transfer you to one of their cars for the length of your stay. Usually, a place to stay while he waits will be given to your driver.

Flight Kenya costs

Although Kenya is well connected to international flights from a variety of locations around the world, including Europe, Asia, and North America, flight distances to Nairobi are frequently long, increasing the cost of your Kenya safari overall. The majority of foreign flights land at Jomo Kenyatta foreign Airport (NBO), which may be of interest to travelers inquiring how to go to Kenya.

Visas for Kenya are normally required for visitors from the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, India, and Canada. For safaris, safari lodges, and Kenya beach vacations, travelers can fly into Nairobi (NBO), Mombasa (MBA), Kisumu (KIS), and Eldoret (ELD).

Due to the distance, flights to Kenya might be expensive. Additionally, the cost of flights from the United States or the United Kingdom can vary depending on the airline and the travel dates.

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