Serengeti National Park

With a total size of 14,763 sq km and having been created in 1952, Serengeti National Park is one of Tanzania’s biggest parks. Three sections make up the Park. That is to say, the Maasai refer to the area famed for its large fields as the “serengit,” or famous southern/focal section (Seronera Valley). It is a model savannah, dotted with acacias and teeming with wildlife. The Grumeti River distinguishes the western hallway, which is more forested and has dense hedges. The least frequented location is in the north, in the Lobo region, which joins the Masai Mara Reserve of Kenya. The Maasai word “Siringet,” which connotes a place where the land extends forever, gave rise to the name Serengeti.

The Maasai phrase “Siringet,” which means “where the land extends to the end of time,” is where the Serengeti derives its name.

With a size of around 1.5 hectares, the Serengeti national park is situated north of Tanzania and extends into the south of Kenya.

Attractions in Serengeti national park

Great wildebeest migration

One of Serengeti National Park’s biggest draws is the huge wildebeest migration. Because of the numerous possibilities to see the epic confrontations between predators and prey, this draws a lot of tourists to the park. Approximately 1.5 million habivores move between Serengeti national park and maasai mara national reserve each year. Zebras, wildebeests, and gazelles are a few of the herbivores.


Wildlife The greatest number of mammals live in the park. Among them are giraffes, elephants, hippos, lions, zebras, antelopes, buffaloes, hyenas, African dogs, rhinos, and many others.


With over 542 bird species, including 11 that are native to the Serengeti National Park, the area is a birder’s dream. Vultures, Black-headed Heron, D’Arnaud’s Barbet, Dark Chanting Goshawk, Decken-Toko Tockus, Grey-breasted Spurfowl, Grey-headed Sparrow, Purple Grenadier, Red-backed Scrub, Rufous-tailed Weaver, Secretary Birds, and Great African Ostrich are a few of them. White-bellied go-away bird, Kori bustard, Variable Sunbird, White-crowned shrike, and Yellow-throated sandgrouse

The Maasai people

Park Serengeti The Masai Mara people, whose tribe and traditional traditions have rarely been impacted, like the park itself, live in Tanzania along with a wide variety of wildlife and fauna.

Moru Kopjes

This is one of the best things to do in the Serengeti National Park since you may see many different animals there, mainly lions and leopards, which spend the entire day sleeping.

Retina Pool

One of the top sights to view in Serengeti National Park is the Retina Hippo Pool. Tourists may view huge hippos in these areas, with a potential to watch hippo battles.

Olduvai Gorge

The archaeological site of Olduvai Gorge, which is located in the eastern Serengeti grasslands, depicts the progress of humanity. Dr. Mary and Louis Leakey’s finds, including stone devices, should be evident at this location as well as other discoveries.

Activities to do in Serengeti national park

The Migration of the Wildebeest

A few groups from all over the world travel to this relocation, which takes place once a year, to experience this magnificent spot. This movement is lovely and jaw widening on the grounds that viewing such gigantic beasts producing extraordinary waves and sprinkles in the Water as they go in hunt for better pastures justifies the visit.

Experience Cultural Lifestyle of the Maasai people

The local population residing inside Serengeti National Park is known as the Maasai Mara. These people have been residing in this park for more than 200 years and perform a number of energetic rituals and traditions. History and social enthusiasts will find attending this event to be an interesting experience.

Serengeti Hot Air Balloon Safaris 

The finest activities in the Serengeti are hot air safaris, which offer a unique view of the wide, broad grasslands. It is amazing to be floating in the air while observing the various birds and the natural world at a crisp eyesight level. Serengeti Hot inflatable safaris begin precisely at approximately 5 a.m. in the morning. They will retrieve you from the camp where you spent the night. Also, this depends on the inflatable safari managers who were booked only for you.

Grumeti River

Visiting the Grumeti River, which is located in the western part of the Serengeti region, is one of the main components of the list of the top ten things to do there. Before the wildebeest travel to the crest at Mara Stream in the Northern section of Serengeti, they first cross the river at Grumeti Waterway. The location is also a good catchment area for panthers, who lay on the branches of the trees, so you can obtain pretty realistic game reviews, especially if you schedule it nicely around June regularly. Particularly during the migration period when wildebeest and other animals traverse the Grumeti river, lions are more common.

Birding watching

Birding in Serengeti is quite possibly of the most unmistakable movement in serengeti national park second to game review or natural life seeing, the recreation area harbors north of 500 bird species across the vast fields of Serengeti national park with Ndutu region taking portion of the bird species populace. Due to slow development, birders expeditions typically go longer in the leisure area and typically include seriously wandering discretely after the birds with excellent cameras and lenses.

Explore Olduvai Gorge.

Inside the boundaries of the Serengeti national park, there is another another intriguing attraction. Dr. Louis Leaky, a palaeoanthropologist, discovered the final pieces of the original early man here, which dates back a long time. This facility explores the background of human history and is a captivating location to see when in the Serengeti.

Best time to visit Serengeti national park

The Serengeti National Park is open all year long for visitors. The finest months to go on safari in Tanzania’s Serengeti Park are late June through August or January through March.

Getting to Serengeti national park

The Serengeti National Park is reachable both by air and by road.

By car: Travelers may reach Serengeti National Park by taking the route from Arusha to the park.

Via air: Visitors can take a flight to any of the airstrips located inside the national park, including Seronera, Musiara, and Lobo, among others.

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