Lake Manyara National Park

The premium parks Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and Tarangire National Park are all included in the Northern Tourism Circuit, which also includes Lake Manyara National Park.

One of Tanzania’s best national parks, Lake Manyara National Park is located near Arusha. The leisure area is well-known for its unusual residents, tree-climbing lions, who are rare and only found in Tanzania’s Manyara and Serengeti national parks.

Attractions in Lake Manyara national park

Lake Manyara

It’s a little, shallow lake. Manyara is a seasonal alkaline lake in Lake Manyara National Park that is encircled by a long, silvery bowl of salt deposits. Its size fluctuates with the seasons. Two-thirds of the surface area of the park, or 220 square kilometers, is covered by it. Many pink flamingos as well as other species like hippos that reside in the shallows of the river may be found in Lake Manyara.


Wildlife in Lake Manyara includes a variety of elephants, wildebeests along with so many giraffes, and buffaloes. The park is also very famous for its large number of zebras, impalas, warthogs and waterbucks.

Tree climbing lions

These are Lake Manyara National Park’s key draws. There are several of the rare tree-climbing lions that can only be found in two populations worldwide, the other one being in the Ishasha Region of Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda, among the lions that reside there.


A paradise for birders, Lake Manyara National Park. Large flocks of pink flamingos and pelicans may frequently be seen on the lake, while egrets, stilt erons, spoonbills, and other birds can frequently be seen near to the park’s borders and on its floodplains. Crowned eagles, crested guinea fowl, and silvery cheeked hornbills are some other species.

Hot springs: 

The hot springs are one of the amazing effects of volcanic activity that can be seen in the leisure area. Due to geothermal energy, the subsurface aquifers create warmed ground water. At the typical bubbling temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, which is a respectable edge of boiling over for bubbling eggs, heated water rises from the highest point on Earth. In a small area beneath the break valley slopes near Lake Manyara’s western portion, the natural aquifers are located.

Activities to do in lake manyara national park

Game drives

One of the most exciting things to do at Lake Manyara National Park is a game drive. There are three shifts for them. The following game drives should be made in 4×4 safari cars: the morning game drive, the afternoon game drive, and the night game drive. You may get up up and personal with animals during game drives in its naturalistic environment.

Bird watching

One of the greatest locations to go on a Tanzania birding safari is without a doubt Lake Mmanyara National Park, which has more than 350 species of birds and an alkaline inside its borders. Long-tailed fiscal, pangani long claw, crowned hornbill, Schawlow’s turaco, emerald cuckoo, crowned eagles, and ground-dwelling crested guinea fowl are just a few of the bird species that may be spotted along the flood plains.

Filming / photography

The national park of Lake Manyara is a good place for people to write down and take pictures of their own life memories. With so many sights to see and beautiful locations for filming, a photographer will be thrilled to get a dozen good shots for their lifetime collection.

Tree top walk aways

Experience the rain forests of Lake Manyara by taking a treetop stroll or swinging through the treetops while taking in the park’s aerial vistas. This is Tanzania’s first treetop walkway, also known as the Manyara treetop walkway.

Nature walks

During this activity, you may receive a close-up view of the park’s surrounds while also exploring it on foot. These nature hikes use a variety of routes, including the Majimoto and treetop walkways.


While they unwind and take in the picturesque vistas around the national park, visitors to Lake Manyara can also choose to go on a boat or canoe excursion. The canoe trip is an excellent method to learn more about the water wildlife. In addition to viewing hippos in the tiny lake while on a boat trip on Lake Manyara, tourists may also take in the stunning environment of the national park, which includes a wooded section, open savannah plains, and woods.

Best time to get to Lake Manyara National Park

The Lake Manyara National Park is accessible from everywhere.

The greatest time to see huge creatures, however, is between January and February and during the dry season between July and October.

Rainfall that makes the inner roads slick and challenging to travel on characterizes the wet season, which starts in November to December and March to June. However, the greatest time to see birds in Lake Manyara is during the wet season.

Getting to lake manyara national park

Access to the park is possible both by road and by air.

By Road 126 kilometers (78 miles) separate Arusha from Lake Manyara National Park, which is easily accessible by automobile. The park is situated southwest of Arusha town.

It just takes one and a half to two hours to drive from Arusha to the entry gate on the freshly paved route linking the two cities.

Via air: Flying into Kilimanjaro International Airport is the most effective method to reach Lake Manyara National Park (KIA). This airport is around 46 kilometers from Arusha.

Instead, you may fly internationally to Dar es Salaam’s Julius Nyerere International Airport and then connect there from JRO or Arusha Airport (ARK).

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