Semuliki National Park

If you want to explore the magnificent Uganda while avoiding the bigger tourist sites on a Uganda safari, Semuliki National Park is one of the less visited national parks with the untouched wonders that are excellent for the wildlife. Semuliki National Reserve, which was first formed in 1932 and was later converted to a national park in 1993, has a total size of 220 square kilometers.

The extraordinary Sempaya hot springs, which were formed over 25,000 years ago, make Semuliki National Park a one-of-a-kind tourist destination. On the other hand, the area is a wonderland for birders, with over 441 known bird species, animal species, and many others.

Attractions In Semuliki National Park.

Animal Species.

The Grey-checked Mangabey monkey, vervet monkey, chimpanzee, Guereza colobus monkey, and other nocturnal primates such as pottos and galagos are just a few of the approximately 53 rare, shy, and nocturnal mammals found in Semuliki National Park. Buffaloes, bush pigs, elephants, dwarf antelope, cheetahs, white-bellied duiker, and many other animal species can also be seen.

Semuliki National Park Hot Springs.

Featuring hot springs that date back 25,000 years due to ever-older processes that generated them, Semuliki National Park is a remarkable safari destination. Sempaya hot springs, which are divided into the female and male hot springs, are the hot springs in the park. That a safari in Uganda should include a visit at. The rangers will explain and provide you with knowledge about the cultural stories and geographic linkages to the hot springs while you are on a safari.

Bird Species.

More than 450 different bird species can be seen in Semuliki National Park, including resident species such the blue-headed, Capuchin Babbler, White-crested Hornbill, Piping Hornbill, Yellow-throated Nicator, Great blue, and Ross’s Turacos. Lemon bellied Crombec, Red-bellied Malimbe, white-throated blue malimbe, Swamp pal bulbul, Dwarf Hornbill, Red-eyed puff back, Black winged starling, Lyre tailed Honeyguide, Ituris Batis, Congo Serpent Eagle, Ituris Batis and among others.

Activities To Do In Semuliki National Park.

Chimpanzee Trekking.

One of the finest safari activities is chimpanzee trekking, which is done in Semuliki National Park, which has a variety of chimpanzee habitats. In the Semuliki National Park, chimpanzees search for food over a large area. Due to this, visitors must spend a considerable amount of time searching for the chimpanzees, even if the experience of witnessing them can be electrifying. The researchers accompany the chimpanzee trekkers in Semuliki National Park on a tour among the primates in the jungle. When the chimpanzees continue to move far and too quickly, people must wait a long time to see them.

Game Viewing.

In Semuliki National Park, one of the popular safari activities is game viewing. Despite the risks of poaching from the nearby towns, which has led to a decline in the number of animal species in the park. More than 53 different mammal species can be seen in the park on the best game trails. Elephants, waterbucks, Uganda kobs, bush babies, hippos, leopards, buffalos, and other animals can all be seen on a game drive, among others. The park is a magnificent safari site to undertake a night game drive in order to sight the nocturnal animal species because game drives take place throughout morning, afternoon hours when the animal species can be more active and present in the park.

Bird Watching.

A sanctuary for birdwatchers, Semuliki National Park is home to 40% of Uganda’s bird species. The park is home to over 450 different bird species, and bird watchers who come to the region will be blessed with the possibility to observe these exquisite birds in person. An expert park guide can direct visitors to the best trails and locations for bird viewing. Among the numerous bird species that can be seen are the Xavier’s, Red-thighed Sparrow Hawk, Black-collared Lovebird, Yellow-throated Cuckoo, Red-chested Owlet, Red-billed Dwarf, Green-tailed Bristlebill, Lemon-Bellied Crombec, Red-billed Helmet-Shrike, and many more.

Nature Walks.

Semuliki National Park is the optimum safari destination that provides visitors with existence safari memories. Here, visitors begin to experience the most captivating safari moments while using the park’s various trails, including the red monkey trail on the park’s eastern border with the Semuliki River, the rare DeBrazza’s monkey trail, and the Sempaya nature trail. The Sempaya nature walk introduces you to various primates, and afterwards the Semuliki national park hot springs.

Cultural And Community Encounter.

Cultural experience is one of the intriguing things to do in Semuliki National Park. Here, travelers can connect with the Batwa and learn about some of their most treasured memories, including their music and dance performances, how they build their shelters, how they create their traditional herds’ medicinal products, how they used to hunt, and more.

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