Nyungwe Forest National Park

The oldest and most popular safari site in Rwanda is Nyungwe National Park. The park is located in Rwanda’s south-western area. In the south, where it crosses the border between Rwanda and Burundi, the Park extends across an area of around 970 square kilometers. The world’s most biodiverse national park, Nyungwe Forest National Park, is home to some of the most pristine mountain rain forests. The forest is diverse, coming from northern Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and spreading through the Rwenzori Mountains, western Rwanda, and Burundi to the shores of Lake Victoria.

Attractions in Nyungwe Forest national park.

With its amazing attractions, which includes wildlife, Nyungwe Forest National Park is the most alluring place to visit.

Some many tourists come to the country to see these species since Nyungwe Forest National Park is home to a large variety of wildlife. The park features dense woods that are home to all of the park’s species, including animals and primates.


The vast majority of mammals live in Nyungwe Forest National Park, including the civet, jackal, golden cats, duikers, leopards, golden cats, and many more primates.

In the Nyungwe Forest National Park, which boasts 13 species of primates that dwell in the forest, including red-tailed monkeys, chimpanzees, L’Hoest’s monkeys, olive baboons, vervet monkeys, and bushbabies, among many others, primates are one of the main draws for visitors who come on a Rwanda safari.

Bird species.

The chances of witnessing the most beautiful bird species in the park increase for bird lovers who visit Nyungwe Forest National Park. This is as a result of the park’s immense montane forest, which supports over 300 bird species, 120 of which are forest species, and 16 of which are endemic to the Albertine Rift. The bird species in Nyungwe forest national park includes red collared mountain babblers, lovely francoline, Rwenzori turaco, purple breasted sunbirds and among many others.


The rare Albertine rift montane rainforest, which is found in the Albertine rift region, is covered in Nyungwe Forest National Park. The park covers an area of about 1000 square kilometers and is home to over 1068 different species of plants. Of these, 200 species are trees, including giant lobelia, orchids, bamboo, and shrubs. In addition, 68 of these species are endemic to the park, including mahogany, talenna rwandesis, and other plants.


On a safari in Rwanda, Nyungwe Forest National Park is the most appealing destination because of its 50- to 200-meter-high elevated canopy, which attracts the majority of visitors. Given that it is ranked third in all of Africa, the canopy is quite alluring to the numerous tourists who visit the nation. With the existence of the metal boardwalk, which visitors utilize to explore the park’s mysteries.

Activities to do in Nyungwe Forest national park.

Chimpanzee trekking.

Several chimpanzees live in Nyungwe Forest National Park, making it possible for visitors to go chimpanzee trekking there. The Uwinka area and the Cyamudongo section of the park contain the majority of the chimpanzee population. The chimpanzee trekking begins with a briefing at the park headquarters early in the morning, when you are given the rules and guidelines to adhere to while trekking the chimpanzees. Following the briefing, you can follow the hiking trails in the forest to complete the walk, and once you’ve located the chimps, you’ll have an hour to spend with them.

This is amazing because when walking with the gorillas, visitors can see a variety of wildlife in the park, including primates like red-tailed monkeys, olive baboons, vervet monkeys, grey-checked mangabeys, bushbabies, and others, as well as several bird species.

Canopy walks.

Visitors to Nyungwe Forest National Park take part in canopy walks, a beautiful safari activity in the park that involves crossing a 50-meter-high steel canopy bridge above the treetops. There are three walking parts on the canopy walk, with the longest being 90 meters long and the shortest being 25 meters.

The two-hour safari experience, which starts at the tourist center in Uwinka, is an adrenaline rush that allows you to move around while discovering the park’s stunning animals.

Bird watching.

With over 300 different bird species, Nyungwe Forest National Park is the ideal place to see birds. The park is known as a birding sanctuary. The park is the finest option for bird enthusiasts because it allows them to see a variety of birds, such the Rwenzori batis, Chapin’s Flycatcher, Gorgeous Francolin, Stripe-breasted Tit, Chestnut Owlet, Regal Sun-bird, and many more.

Guided nature walks and hiking.

On the mountainous terrain of the park, on foot using the numerous routes that introduce visitors to the various aspects of the park biodiversity, nature walks in the Nyungwe Forest National Park allow visitors to discover the secret areas of the park that are inaccessible to vehicles.

Gisakura plantation tour.

Visitors can venture outside the park by taking a tour of the Gisakura tea plantation, which is situated on the outskirts of the Nyungwe Forest National Park. This experience is particularly magical because in addition to admiring the lovely tea plantation, visitors can engage in activities like picking tea and mingling with the local farmers. For doing nature walks, travelers use a variety of routes, including the Umuyove, Karamba, and Umugote trails, which lead to various locations around the area.

Best time to visit Nyungwe forest national park.

Every time of the year is a good time to visit Nyungwe Forest National Park, but the ideal times are during the dry season, from June to September, or the short season, from mid-December to mid-February.

Where to stay in Nyungwe forest national park.

Visitors to Nyungwe Forest National Park are given access to a wide range of lodging options, which are divided into budget, mid-range, and luxury categories. These options include the Nyungwe Top Vie Hill Hotel, Nyungwe Forest Lodge, Gisakura Guest House, and others. Visitors can also choose to camp while visiting the park to experience its natural setting.

How to get to Nyungwe Forest National Park.

The Nyungwe Forest National Park is situated close to Lake Kivu in the south-western part of Rwanda. From Kigali, the country’s capital, it takes 4 to 5 hours to go 225 kilometers. Moreover, you can get to the park by helicopter, departing from Kigali and landing at Nyungwe Forest Lodge.

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