Kenya Safari Packages

Kenya Safari Packages :Incredibly beautiful natural scenery, poignant cultural contacts, exceptional wildlife watching, and, of course, the thrills and spills of the Wildebeest Migration can all be found in Kenya, a top safari destination. It seems sense that it is where safari travel began.

A Kenya safari will not disappoint, from meetings with the Samburu people to viewing the wildebeest mega-herds in the Masai Mara and the famed elephant herds in Amboseli against the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro. A Kenya safari is the first safari that comes to mind when people think of an African safari. The majestic Mount Kenya serves as a backdrop to everything from the stampeding animals of the Mara to the Maasai, Rendille, and Samburu cultures and the pink flamingos of the Rift Valley Lakes.

The Masai Mara’s Magic

The broad savannah plains teeming with more than a million Wildebeest, the Maasai tribe, and Big Cats are familiar pictures from a variety of films. Take a safari journey to the Masai Mara to see it for yourself. Witness the Migration between August and October, and take advantage of fantastic game viewing opportunities all year long.

Premier safaris in Kenya

Discover Kenya in luxury and comfort while lodging at the best tented camps, safari lodges, and hotels in Kenya. These fly-in luxury Kenya safari tours give you more time to unwind and enjoy game viewing.

Classic Kenya Safari

You may explore a variety of Kenyan game reserves with our selection of budget-friendly safari packages. With a customized, real safari tour, learn about the wildlife, culture, and sceneries.

Luxury Kenya Safari

Your luxury Kenya safari gives you the chance to travel to Kenya, where safaris are still regarded as once-in-a-lifetime events. Kenya also boasts some of the best game viewing, cultural attractions, and opulent lodges and camps in all of Africa.

Kenya Beach Holidays

From Bush to Beach, from Savannah to the Sea. Combine a beach vacation with a breathtaking safari in Kenya. Enjoy barefoot luxury at a beachfront resort with tropical breezes, palm trees, and picturesque ocean views after all the dust and heat.See Beach Vacations and Kenya Safari.

Shaba and Samburu National Park

On one of our fantastic Kenya Samburu safari experiences, explore the bleak beauty of the northern areas. The Ewaso Nyiro River supports an abundance of large game in this area of Kenya. Discover desert-adapted wildlife and the Samburu people’s culture.

Great Rift Valley

The Great Rift Valley is home to thousands of soda lakes, such as Lake Nakuru, which is famous for its flamingo population. These opulent safaris in Kenya feature excursions to Samburu, Lake Naivasha, and the Masai Mara. Discover these fascinating national parks, which are teeming with wildlife.

Kenya Safari Packages

Tsavo and Amboseli

With this luxurious Kenya safari tour, visit Amboseli and Tsavo, two iconic locations that are known for their large elephant herds and views of Mount Kilimanjaro, respectively. Tsavo East and Tsavo West are among the world’s largest conservation areas.

Mombasa Beach and Island Resorts

With one of our Kenya Beach and Island trips, you can unwind on one of these stunning beaches along the country’s coast. These opulent resorts and beach cottages provide a wide range of excursions and water activities. Discover the historic Island of Lamu and Mombasa’s vibrant culture.

Explore Kenya Safari Types

Kenya tailor-made safaris

On our autonomous safaris, you can pick the camps and lodges of your choice, and we’ll design a custom itinerary for you. Although you may travel with other like-minded travelers on light aircraft flights and game drives, all of our independent, custom safaris are operated on a private basis.

Kenya small group safaris

Our Kenya small group safaris provide a laid-back experience with knowledgeable local drivers/guides and top-notch lodging. We only utilize automobiles for Kuoni visitors, and all six passengers are given a window seat. You can choose to follow the same itinerary privately if you like the appearance of one of our small group safaris but would prefer to have your own driver/guide.

4×4 Kenya safaris

An excellent way to explore Kenya is through an overland safari, which is also very affordable. Although the distances are considerable and the roads occasionally in need of repair, you’ll get to see a lot more of the nation and enjoy the scenery. We prefer 4x4s because they are more comfortable than minibuses and can cross rivers with less difficulty, which is useful in the green season.

Kenya fly-in safaris

An aerial view of the national parks is provided by a Kenya fly-in safari, which is a beautiful mode of transportation between locations. Flights in light planes take less time, giving you more time to see animals or unwind in your luxurious accommodations. You will immediately see animals because the airplanes land at airstrips that are smack dab in the middle of the national parks. At the camps or lodges of your choice, you’ll embark on 4×4 wildlife viewing excursions with knowledgeable guides and trackers by your side.

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