Kenya Safari Vs Tanzania Safari

Kenya Safari Vs Tanzania Safari: A comparison of the top two safari destinations, point by point

Tanzania and Kenya in East Africa come to mind when considering a true African safari. Both nations offer breathtaking African scenery, excellent game viewing, and a range of activities that defy comparison. Not to add that these are the only locations where the famous Great Wildebeest Migration may be viewed. However, many people wonder which of the two countries—Tanzania or Kenya—offers the best safari experience due to its reputation that reverberates throughout the world.

SCENERY – Kenya Safari Vs Tanzania Safari


Kenya Safari Vs Tanzania Safari: Kenya and Tanzania are actually quite similar when it comes to the geography and the mood the country projects. This is primarily due to the fact that the two safari nations border each other, are situated along the Indian Ocean, and share a climate with two distinct seasons: wet and dry. The majority of Kenya’s terrain is made up of fertile plains in the west, sandy beaches on the coast, and hills in the middle. Tanzania, on the other hand, is around 1.5 times larger and has a similar diversity. The country is blessed with vast stretches of white sand beach on the coast, highlands in the north and south, and plains and plateaus flowing west across the country.


Nairobi cityscape

Kenya has a better and more dependable travel infrastructure than Tanzania because it is a wealthy nation. There are more hotels and guesthouses there, it is simpler to convert foreign currency to shillings because all major banks can do so, and there is an abundance of public transportation. Taxis, matatus, railroads, and even domestic planes are widely available and can take you practically anyplace in the nation. Kenya’s infrastructure is developing, yet many of its roads are still unsigned. But it doesn’t make it any less fascinating. In actuality, it heightens the sense of being in the wild.

Roads are not clearly signposted in Tanzania either. Although there are many options for public transportation, many areas of the country may still be difficult to reach because of its size. It’s still possible that adventurous travelers will accept the challenge (I mean, it doesn’t get much wilder than that, does it?). Tanzania has a wide variety of lodging alternatives, however fewer in some parks. This guarantees an experience with exclusivity and fewer tourists, even during the busiest times.

Due to the greater variety of possibilities, international air travel prices and safaris in Kenya are both significantly less expensive. In Tanzania, fees may be higher because there is less competition than in Kenya. However, hotels in Kenya are typically more expensive if you stay in one of their major cities, like Nairobi in Kenya or Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. For instance, the average cost of a 3-star hotel in Dar is about 43 USD, compared to about 75 USD for a 3-star hotel in Nairobi.

Kenya Safari Vs Tanzania Safari


Without a doubt, Kenya has incredible wildlife, particularly in its premier Masai Mara safari park. Apart from the species that migrate through here in July, Kenya is mostly renowned as a fantastic location to watch big cats. Exotic species like the Sitatunga live there as well as numerous endangered black rhinos.

But if we were to pick just one nation as having the best wildlife, Tanzania would come out on top. Amazing animal diversity and density make visiting this vast nation virtually certain to be a life-changing event. In fact, it is well known to have the highest animal density per square kilometer in the entire globe. In addition, it is a top cheetah area with one of the highest densities of huge predators in the world. Additionally, it is a country with unusual animals like tree-climbing lions and other species that are in grave risk of extinction, including African wild dogs.

Both nations have world-class opportunities for birding. While Kenya has an impressive 1,135 bird species, Tanzania has over 1,000 bird species that have been identified.


Kenya Safari Vs Tanzania Safari: Do you know that every year, millions of people flock to see the Great Migration, also known as the Wildebeest Migration or the Serengeti National Park Migration? It is the largest inland animal migration in the world, and it only takes place in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya throughout the entire year.

It is not an exaggeration to call it the biggest animal movement. Over two million wildebeests, along with tens of thousands of zebras and gazelles, can be seen during The Great Migration as they journey together in search of better grazing. Naturally, there are still a lot of predators out there; the top five are lions, leopards, hyenas, cheetahs, and crocodiles. This means that in addition to seeing a staggering number of wild animals all at once, you will also have plenty of chances to watch action-packed dramas involving predators and prey, and even predators and predators! It makes sense why this specific occurrence is referred to as the “Greatest Show on Earth” and the “Seventh Natural Wonder of Africa.”

From August to October, you can find herds on Kenya’s Mara plains, but it’s around July when the giant herds begin to cross the Mara River. Visitors to either park can acquire prime viewing spots for this important event because the river crossing takes place between Serengeti and Mara.

The herds leave the already desolate Masai Mara plains by the end of October or the beginning of November and return to Tanzania’s Serengeti, where they spend the remaining months until July, when they begin to cross the Mara River once more.


Kenya and Tanzania both host a number of international flights from various locations across the globe. However, Kenya has a noticeable increase in flight availability, which results in lower airfare. Since this is frequently the less expensive option, some tourists to Tanzania even choose to fly from their country of origin to Nairobi in Kenya and then just take a connecting flight to Tanzania.

An average 17-hour trip from New York to Nairobi is required to travel there. A direct trip from the UK or Australia will take approximately 8.5 or 15.5 hours, respectively. Naturally, the length of your flight will depend on how many layovers you have and how long they are.

Tanzania travel is similar. The schedule is significantly altered by stops. Flights from New York to DAR typically take 19 hours and 20 minutes, those from the UK to DAR take 11 hours, and those from Australia to DAR take around 15 hours. If you want to see the northern circuit safaris first, another alternative is to fly to Arusha. Be aware that there may be fewer flights and higher costs on this route than between Dar and Nairobi.


Although this aspect has already been discussed, it still requires its own section. Due to the fact that both nations are popular safari destinations, an influx of visitors should be anticipated, particularly during the busiest seasons. Crowds are heavier in Kenya due to the availability of more lodges, camps, and hotels as well as the relative affordability of aircraft tickets. On a safari, you might even notice that there are many other vehicles all around you.

Tanzania offers greater exclusivity despite being significantly more expensive due to the small number of lodges, hotels, and camps and the size of most parks.


We are all aware of the abundance of global riches in both Kenya and Tanzania. Here are Kenya’s and Tanzania’s top attractions, which differ greatly from one another due to the national parks there:


Fort Jesus, Mombasa, Lamu Old Town, the Sacred Mijikenda Kaya Forests, the Kenya Lake System in the Great Rift Valley, the Lake Turkana National Parks, Mount Kenya National Park, and the Thimlich Ohinga Cultural Landscape are among the seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Reserve National Masai Mara

Park National Amboseli

National Parks of Lake Nakuru, Aberdare, Mount Kenya, and Diani Beach



Stone Town, Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, Serengeti National Park, Selous Game Reserve, Kilwa Kisiwani, and Ngorongoro Conservation Area are among the seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

National Serengeti Park

Area Conservation Ngorongoro

Game Reserve in Selous

National Park of Lake Manyara

Zanzibar, Mount Kilimanjaro


Kenya Safari Vs Tanzania Safari

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