Wildlife and animals of Kenya

Kenya Safari Animals

The wildlife and animals of Kenya, an African nation, are among its numerous claims to fame. If you’re thinking about doing an African safari, you’re probably aggressively searching the internet for the best places to see animals.

Kenya Animals

The only thing left to figure out is where to go once you have all of your equipment ready and the camera ready.

What I can tell you is that if Kenya was on your list, move it up to the top spot. If you hadn’t considered it, you might need to check your sources.

Kenya is a gem in East Africa that is home to several animal species. It is a country that ranks among the most spectacular natural wonders in the entire globe.

Consider breathtaking mountain ranges, remarkable rift valleys, hot springs, wildlife parks, and even seashores!

The country’s diverse landscapes are unlike anything else on earth, and it’s a destination where one can find entertainment, excitement, and, of course, animals!

Now since you’re probably wondering exactly what you’d see, we can promise you that it will get reasonably close in Kenya, even though we can’t guarantee you’ll see every animal that lives on the planet.

We’ll answer all of your questions about wildlife and even tell you where to find these magnificent creatures in Kenya.

Kenya Animals: The Cats

  1. Lions

The good news is that they are plentiful in Kenya. I’m sure the king of the jungle is right up there with your most wanted sights.

Keep an eye out during the day for any slight movements under a shaded tree because that is when you are most likely to observe them hunting, either at dawn or at dusk.

They like to relax in that location under the hot African sun.

Where to look for them: From July to September, you’re almost certain to spot numerous lions if you follow the great migration via the Serengeti National Park and Masai Mara National Reserve.

During this time, many mammals are traveling in search of greener pastures, increasing the likelihood of seeing a kill!

  1. Leopards

Leopards, one of the most charismatic wild animals, can be difficult to locate since they lead solitary lives, which makes it like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Remember that they enjoy relaxing in the shade, away from scavengers, especially after a successful kill.

Masai Mara National Reserve and Lake Nakuru National Park are the best places to look for them.

  1. Cheetahs

The fastest animals on earth are cheetahs. A spectacle that would be well worth witnessing would be to see them dart at full speed.

Although cheetahs are difficult to identify, they are frequently more active in the mornings than leopards are. You will only have’seen’ a cheetah if something accelerates up in front of you and causes a slight blur.

Where to look for them: If you want to view these amazing cats, make sure to visit Samburu National Park and Masai Mara.

Kenya Animals: The Water Beasts

  1. Hippopotamus

Although hippopotamuses are technically land mammals, they prefer to spend most of their time in the water because they feel safer there.

They are aggressive and fiercely territorial, so make sure to give them enough of space to prevent them from feeling threatened.

Regardless of how slow and awkward they appear to be, one thing is for sure: you will never be able to outrun these big guys!

The Masai Mara National Reserve is where you can find them if you’re looking for them.

  1. The Nile Crocodile

Positively, the Nile Crocodile is a monstrous animal. They grow to a maximum size of 6 m, making them the largest African crocodiles.

While they enjoy eating fish, they would also enjoy feasting on something that would allow them to sink their teeth into.

Therefore, if a croc is nearby, any unwary animals that come to drink from the water may have a difficult time.

They can be found in the Masai Mara National Reserve, which is where they call home.

Kenya Animal: The Mammals

  1. Rhinoceros

The rhino is a must-see because it’s arguably the most endangered mammal on African land.

Poaching has caused a sharp drop in their population, and it is estimated that there are only about 30 000 rhinos left in the world, with the majority living in South Africa.

A rhino in the wild is undoubtedly a rare and beautiful sight, therefore you shouldn’t miss it for the world!

  1. African Elephants

The largest creature in the world, elephants occasionally draw tourists.

They are gregarious animals that frequently live in herds and can be seen enjoying their beloved water baths or munching on tree leaves.

Tsavo East National Park, Amboseli National Park, and Samburu National Park are the places to look for them.

  1. The Giraffe

The giraffe, the world’s tallest mammal, must be seen before you leave.

Another tourist favorite, these stunning women are always so composed and polished. Fortunately, they are easy to recognize due to their lofty stature and sometimes comically protruding necks.

Meru National Park is the best location to look for them.

  1. African Buffalo

The African Buffalo prefers to live in big herds, which are typically made up of thousands of animals.

They trot across the arid plains of Africa, which is a sight to behold and might also prove to be rather intimidating, but my oh my will that be captured on camera!

Amboseli National Park is the best location to look for them.

  1. Zebra

There are several different types of zebras, including the common Grevy’s Zebra, the Mountain Zebra, and the Plains Zebra, which are all members of the horse family.

It’s good to know that the rare Grevy’s Zebra will only be found in specific regions of Northern Kenya.

Their unusual markings and colors are a startling sight, and once more they make for incredible pictures!

Masai Mara National Reserve and Tsavo National Park are the best places to look for them. If you want to view Grevy’s Zebra, travel to Lewa Conservancy.

  1. Wildebeest

As a significant component of the magnificent spectacle that is the great mammal migration, the wildebeest migrate in large numbers throughout Kenya and Tanzania.

Because Wildebeest and Zebra coexist and both frequently appear on lions’ and other predators’ menus, the migration is the ideal time to observe nature in its most untainted and “cruel” form.

Masai Mara National Reserve and Amboseli National Park are the places to look for them.

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